FLUIDS provides curatorial support for private and public collections, conducts art historical and market research, and promotes ideas around contemporary art, literature, art criticism and theory. We work with artists, galleries, writers and intellectuals to produce cultural ideas and critical content through exhibitions, publications, and debate.

For inquiries please email info@fluidsfluids.com

Our name is taken from the title of a 1967 Happening by American artist Allan Kaprow (1927-2006). His Fluids consisted of around twenty large rectangular enclosure-structures made entirely from blocks of ice, placed at various public sites in Pasadena and Los Angeles. After working tirelessly to assemble these structures, measuring 30x10x8 feet, participants watched the product of their collective labor melt. Kaprow’s Happening reflects the instrumentality, speed, and obsolescence of capitalist labor and questions the institutional conditions of artistic production.

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